Best Portable Soccer Goals

Best Portable Soccer Goals
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Portable soccer goals, also known as pop-up soccer goals, have gained popularity over the years because the ease of which they can be set up, in addition to the popularity of soccer as a whole.

Not only are portable soccer goals lightweight and easy to transport, they come in handy for a variety of soccer related recreation and training. That’s right, portable soccer goals aren’t just for adorable toddlers learning the game of football, they’re great for a budding youth’s backyard soccer practice, a one-on-one side game, along with adult training and honing of certain skills.

Today portable soccer goals come in a variety of options, it’s hard to pinpoint just which one is best. Our guide will dive into various factors that come into your playing style, while reviewing the highest-rating portable soccer goals on the market.

If you want to improve your game, or just have a fun game of soccer in the backyard, a portable goal is a necessary soccer accessory. You’ll be glad that you added this key training piece into your soccer equipment collection.

Features of the best portable soccer goals

Finding the right soccer equipment for your needs can be difficult, and portable or pop-up soccer goal is no different. People sometimes forget that different goals were specially designed for different use cases. Differences in design can vary due to age, intended use, impact resistance, durability, and training purposes.

All of this and more must be taken into consideration while you search for the very best soccer goal for you.

Below are a few features that a good portable soccer goal should possess:

  • Portable soccer goals should be lightweight enough that they can be carried to a different location with ease. Look for portable soccer goals that can with a zip-up carrying case with a convenient carrying handle
  • Because the game of soccer involves two goals, your portable soccer goal should come with two separate goals as well. Both of these goals should easily fit into a single carrying case
  • Even if your portable soccer goals get a lot of use, you may want to store them from time to time. Your goals should fold up with ease and take up minimal space
  • Although your portable soccer goals may receive less impact than an industry regulated soccer goal, you want to ensure that it is highly durable. This means that it can bend without breaking, or it is sturdy enough to withstand repeated hits from a soccer ball
  • Last but not least, portable soccer goals should require little to no assembly and should easily set up within seconds.





   GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal  $  4.3/5
   GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal  $  4.6/5
   GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal  $$  4.7/5
   Net Playz Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal  $  4.4/5
   Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal  $$  4.8/5
  Pop Up Soccer Goal Pair with Carry Bag  $  5.0/5
  GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal 4 Feet  $$  4.7/5
  PUGG 6 Foot Pop Up Soccer Goal Set  $$$  4.7/5
  PowerNet Soccer Goal 12×6 Portable Bow Style Net  $$$  4.3/5
  SUESPORT 4FT Pop Up Soccer Goals  $  4.4/5

The Best Portable Soccer Goals Reviews

We took the liberty to review some of the best portable soccer goals available on the market today. These short reviews can help you pick the portable soccer goal that’s best for you.

GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal

With the GreEco’s Pop-Up Soccer Goal, you can enjoy soccer play and practice anywhere at any time! This take-anywhere pop-up design allows users to instantly work on individual skills, run a practice and training session, or play a game. It doesn’t stop there; this sleek design is lightweight and even comes with a carrying case with a convenient handle and a proprietary pop-up mechanism.

These GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goals will provide you easy transportation, simple setup and breakdown, and materials that are made to last.


  • Crafted from a lightweight nylon and durable PVC materials
  • 3 different sizes and color variety for safe and fun use for both kids and adults
  • Two ultra-portable goals for small-sided games and training purposes
  • Pop-Up design means no assembly is required
  • Goals fold easily into a convenient carrying case
  • Reflective perimeter for enhance visibility


  • GreEco Pop-Up Soccer goals conveniently come with two ultra-portable goals, making it the perfect option for small-sided games and training. When you are done you can simply fold and twist the goals back into a flat, 1-inch, oval carrying bag complete with a zipper and a handle
  • These portable soccer goals are made from stronger and longer PVC pegs, solid fiberglass poles, and reinforced oxford net and fabrics. This is favorable over other brands, which are crafted from weak pegs, thin poles, and flimsy polyester fabrics, which are in indicator of inferior quality
  • Attractive nylon covering comes in a variety of stylish colors and sizes for you to choose from. This means that you can find the right soccer goal size for your use case and age group – suitable for soccer lovers ages 2 and up
  • Each goal has a built-in reflective silver perimeter for enhanced night and day visibility. Attached with the product are convenient 8 inches PVC pegs and anchoring stakes for stability on grass
  • As with all GreEco products, the pop-up soccer goals comes with a 100% manufacturer warranty


This product is better suited for small child or youth use. Material does not stand up well to hard play and high impacts.

GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goals

Customers absolutely love the GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal Set. This goal set not only comes at a great value, but it is incredibly solid with promises of countless hours of practice and play, handling even the strongest of shots.

Breakdown with this goal set is only incredible easy, it simply folds up and stores in an easy to use bonus travel cases until the next practice session or game.


  • Instant set up and takedown within seconds
  • Full set includes 6 cones, two goals, and a carrying case
  • Play anywhere with secure metal and plastic stakes
  • Designed for coaches and players for indoor/outdoor play
  • Reflective fabric for all-light conditions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • The GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal is rated not only for indoor and backyard practice, it provides the ultimate pair of portable goals for serious practice, games, scrimmages, and training
  • The goal itself come in a variety of widths that fold flat and weigh no more than 3 lbs. They do not require any type of assembly, but they pop-up for immediate and convenient use
  • To close the goal you simply twist and fold into a flat shape that fits easily into a carrying case, for easy storage and transportation anywhere
  • The GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer goal is manufactured from premium nylon netting and fabric, meaning they can withstand even the strongest of professional shots
  • The goal was designed with added durability and include stakes that works well in grass. The product can also be taped down for hard-court play (tape is not included with your purchase)
  • The goal is conveniently lined with reflective, high-visibility fabric for use in lower light conditions. This makes is great for late-afternoon practices, skills training, youth soccer games, backyard setup and goalie-less games
  • The goal set also comes with 6 training cones to help you mark the goal line and field perimeters
  • The GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal conveniently comes with a full GoSports lifetime warranty. Customer service is also US-based for your convenience


  • The goal doesn’t fold down as much as we would have liked. The 6-ft. option is difficult to fit in a standard-sized trunk, even in the case
  • Over time, there were some issues with the durability the straps that keep the goal popped up. Without these straps the goal lays flat on the ground

GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goals

The GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goals series was reinvented in 2016 from the inside out. New features like the indestructible frame and high-intensity reflective net was built for years of play and hours of fun.

This product is perfect for instant practice in the backyard, game at the park, or even for play at the beach.


  • Comes with set of two soccer goals and carrying bag
  • Great for backyard games, practice at the park, and play at the beach
  • Easy twist open for instant use and twist into a flat position for easy transport and storage.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case with straps
  • Brand new design and indestructible frame, guaranteed for years of play
  • Reflective net material means hours of uninterrupted fun
  • Safe for teams and players of all ages
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different skill sets
  • Try for 30 days risk free, then enjoy a 1-year warrant


  • The GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goals conveniently comes with two highly durable portable soccer goals for fun anywhere. These goals twist and pop-up for instantly play. When you’re done easily twist and fold for storage. The product also comes with a convenient carrying case with handles
  • GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goals are available in 3 popular and convenient sizes for use for a variety of skill levels and ages
  • New indestructible material promises an X-strong frame. Multi-grip stakes are also including for the ultimate resistance during even the most demanding play
  • The GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goals doesn’t provide a perimeter reflective strip like other brands. Instead they’ve implemented a fully reflective net for house of play
  • GOLME PRO is known for their great customer service and fast-refund policy, although these goals are so durable you’ll hardly need it! Enjoy these soccer goals 30 days risk fee and a full 1-year warranty


  • Anchors are great but hard to install without a hammer
  • The base and parts that consist of the pop-up could be sturdier. These components can damage overtime with heavy use

Net Playz Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal

Net Playz Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal is a portable square soccer goal designed for training and recreational use. Its durable metal stands up pretty well compared to other pop-up soccer goals made of plastic parts. If you are looking for a medium-impact portable net for play and practice, this is a competitive option.


  • 2 structure square soccer goals in one size
  • Easy to set up and fold into convenient storage case
  • Fiberglass frame supports training on a variety of levels
  • Product is lightweight and portable for eat transportation
  • Net is made for all weather
  • Stakes for use anywhere


  • The Net Playz Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal comes with two convenient goals for training and play
  • Bungee-attached fiberglass pole makes one-time assembly a breeze. The goals can easily fold into a convenient zip-up carrying case after being assembled
  • Durable fiberglass tension poles stand up well for all levels of training and play. Reinforced steel corner design means that it can withstand tough play and impacts. Metal stakes help to anchor the goals to the ground for use on grass, dirt, or beach area
  • All-weather net and lightweight, portable design means that the Net Playz Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal is ready for play in a variety of outdoor conditions


  • The Net Playz Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal is not a pop-up design. It requires a one-time setup, although this is fairly simple. Then the goals can be folded away
  • The design has no reflective perimeter or netting for evening or night play
  • Folds fairly large and carrying case does not come with a handle
  • The product only comes in one size

Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal

The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal brings action to any training ground or backyard in just a matter of seconds. The compact design allows for easy maneuverability in a range of venues, while training cones and pegs allow even the most serious training sessions.


  • Easy pop-up setup for instant play
  • Folds up easily with a twist into convenient carrying back
  • Two convenient goals great for all levels of training and play
  • Lightweight and portable design takes up little to no space
  • Comes with 8 training disc cones and 6 extra metal pegs
  • Designed with reinforced netting and extra-strong poles for lasting use
  • Trailblaze Lifetime Warranty. Love it or 100% money back guarantee


  • The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal opens within seconds for immediate play. Simply twist and fold when you’re done into a convenient carrying bag
  • Great for all levels of use. Customers rate these goals a 4.98 out of 5 on the market
  • These goals were designed to last in even the toughest of weather conditions with reinforced netting and extra-strong fiberglass material
  • Extremely lightweight and easily portable for use in any setting. Comes with 8 training disc cones and 6 extra metal pegs for durable set up anywhere
  • Comes with the industries only love it or return it warranty with a 100% money back guarantee, along with Trailblaze Lifetime Warranty


Users of this product had virtually no complaints! This product does exactly what it promises to, it’s convenient, portable, durable, and long-lasting for kids and adults alike.


The best portable soccer goal design should be easy to set up, portable, lightweight, and most importantly, durable for hard play and extended use for all ages.

Regardless of how you will use your portable soccer goals, it’s important to keep in mind that soccer goals are multipurpose and designed for all types of soccer related play and training activities for a spectrum of ages. For this reason, what you choose for your ideal portable soccer goal should be nothing but the best.

Based on the roundup above, our clear winner out of the 5 is the Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal. This soccer goal not only offer a sleek, easy to use support for even the most serious training, it has a ton of amazing features and extras that make this product the best choice on the market.

Features such as reinforced netting, extra-strong fiberglass frame, weatherproofed and tested materials, and lightweight, portable design make this soccer goal a proprietary choice for your soccer needs. The product also comes with a variety of convenient extras that add to its durability and training design, including 8 metal stakes and bright orange training cones.

What’s more is that this product really does stand up to high-impact and rough play, making it the perfect training and play choice for adults too. People that used this product had no complaints of ripping, snapping, or breaking like the other soccer goals that we reviewed. I mean, how awful is it to buy a portable soccer goal only to have it break within the first couple uses?

When you choose the Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal, you don’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth. That is because this product is worth every penny. If you are looking for a potable, yet durable soccer goal for your play and practice needs, then the Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal is the right choice for you.