Easy Setup Soccer Goals

Easy Setup Soccer Goals
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Easy setup soccer goals, also known as pop-up soccer goals, portable soccer goals, and practice soccer goals, are some of the best to use for training, at-home practice, youth play, and soccer recreation. Here are some of the reasons that these goals have gained popularity over the years.

Portability: Easy Setup Soccer Goals

Easy setup soccer goals are portable goals that you can take with you anywhere you want. Their lightweight and easy-to-carry design makes them perfect for transportation. On average, a portable soccer goal with a carrying bag is only around 3 lbs. This means that you can carry two with you for a total of 6 lbs. This weight is a standard for a 4-foot pop-up soccer goal. Even goals up to 6 feet are only around 4 lbs.

Most pop-up soccer goals come with an easy storage transportation case, complete with handles and a zipper. Simply fold your goal into its bad, zip it up and you are on your way.


When you own a single pop-up soccer goal, or a pair of goals, easy setup soccer goals means you can store them pretty much anywhere. A folding soccer goal is typically no more than an inch thick and folds nicely into an oval shape. A 4-foot goal will typically fold into 2 feet for storage, making it easy to store in a closet, in the car, or in the garage without too much of a hassle.


When you think about amazing soccer training and recreational equipment, these soccer goals come to mind because they are used by everyone from youth players to professional players. Small goals are great for coaching toddlers, for a child’s backyard practice, and even high school training techniques. Professional soccer coaches even love these goals for small-sided games and intense training. It is not uncommon to see these nifty goals on practice fields or used as warmups for professional series games.


Not only are pop-up soccer goals great for a variety of use cases, they are easy to carry to the park and set up within seconds, and then fold up when you’re done. These goals come in a variety of easy-set-up materials, making them the perfect choice for a variety of use cases and games. Mesh soccer goals can be used indoor or outdoor, easily twisting and folding for transportation. Goals also come in plastic and metal materials, depending on the type of impact you expect with your play. Portable carrying bags are a standard among easy-set-up soccer goals, so you can easily keep all of your soccer goal components together and carry it anywhere that you go.


Easy setup soccer goals are a great choice for toddler and children’s soccer because they are made to bend. This means they won’t break easily from light play and won’t cause any harm to your little one. Even as a soccer training net, these pop-up soccer goals are nearly unbeatable. Some are even available in sturdier options, such as metal, or higher impact play.

Long lasting

The best part about easy setup soccer goals is that you never really grow out of them. Because they can be used for a variety of play and training, buying a soccer goal for your little one can turn into an investment. As they continue to grow, their portable soccer goal turns into a practice goal, one-on-one side games, and even a training goal to fine-tune their skills. A quality pop-up goal can truly last a lifetime with the right care.


If you are searching for a versatile, simple to use soccer goal, then an easy set up soccer goal is a great option for you. Whether you are planning to make a DIY portable soccer goal or purchasing for your toddler, youth, high school student, or adult-in-training, pop-up soccer goals are fun to use, lightweight, and conveniently portable. If you love soccer, then an easy set up soccer goal is a great addition to your soccer equipment collection.

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