GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal Review

GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal Review
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Portable soccer goals are the most versatile type of soccer goals. Unlike other goals in the soccer and fitness department, these goals have a variety of features that make them the recommended type of soccer goal for people looking to do different types of activities.

In this category of soccer goals you will find brands such as GOLME, a popular soccer brand across the world.

GOLME creates award-winning training equipment and soccer goals. Having been founded over 20 years ago, this US-based brand designs, develop, sells, and markets some of the best products in the youth and adult football market. They have established their brand on their history of making soccer and fitness products for enthusiasts across the world.

Today, GOLME is known for their sleek youth and adult soccer goals and equipment, and are also known for the combining of the latest technology with innovation to design the cutting-edge GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal.

This soccer goal is available in a variety of widths and sizes to provide varied levels of training to suit the needs of anybody who is doing soccer play or training.

The level of durability, style, versatility, and portability that this particular soccer goal offers is second to none. Anyone who is involved in soccer play or training should be able to see that this goal by GOLME could be their very best indoor and outdoor soccer training companion.

Features of GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal

GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal was completely reinvented in 2016. Its new design features high-quality fabric and an all-new indestructible X-frame crafted around a high-intensity reflective net. That’s right, this soccer goal doesn’t just have a reflective perimeter, the entire net is reflective to promote hours of uninterrupted play. This new design makes them an ideal and durable choice for any level of intensity soccer training.

The problem that most athletes and soccer enthusiasts experience with portable soccer goals is the inability to withstand high impacts and serious play. This makes them wear and break quickly, especially when used for games and more intense training activities.

However, a goal like the GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal will give you the resistance you need in a higher-stress environment, therefore it will last and serve you even longer.

We love that the color of this goal as bright as it is reflective, so you can easily see your target while you practice and play. The product also comes with all-new multi-grip stakes to anchor your goal during even the most demanding play.

This particular goal is available in 3 different size combinations, including 2.5 ft., 4 ft., and 6 ft. to meet the needs of a variety of skill sets and ages. You also have your choice between a single goal, or a pair for practice, games, and scrimmages.

The portable design of this soccer goal makes it the perfect take with you anywhere equipment option. The goals twist and pop up for instant play, or twist and fold for instant storage. They even come with a convenient carrying case complete with a zipper and a handle, so you can take your goals anywhere that you go.

Lastly, GOLME provides a 30-day risk free trial. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund! GOLME is well known for their customer-focused customer service and great refund policy. It even comes with a full 1-year warranty should you encounter any issues with your product.


  • The GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal has completely renovated their portable soccer goals, in an all-new design based on durability, training focused designed, and of course, style
  • These goals are made with high-quality fabric, an indestructible X frame design, and a reflective netting that promises the ultimate resistance and visibility during the most demanding play
  • This soccer goal easily sets up and breaks down with a simply twist. When you’re done, simply fold away into a convenient carrying case for easy storage and transportation
  • Your choice of a single goal or a pair is available in 3 popular sizes rated for different ages
  • Try the GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal risk free for 30-days. If you love it, enjoy a full 365-day warranty


  • We love that this product comes with ultra-grip anchor, but they must be used with a hammer, which is not included
  • While most users of the product felt that this product was studier, some people felt that improvements could be made to base components. Heavy use may cause damage over time


While many people set out to buy a portable soccer goal based on its design, it’s important to know that looks can be deceiving. However, as a serious soccer training tool, you should know that durability and performance is the most vital aspect of an ideal soccer goal.

Thankfully, with the GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal, you get to experience top-rated performance, uncompromised durability, and stability for continued play.

Also, those that have a preferred goal size don’t have to put up with a portable soccer goal that only offers a one-size-fits-all solution.

The innovative effort and technology put into the design of this portable soccer goal makes it not only stylish, but also extremely durable and convenient. This is easy to see from its top rated design, materials, and portable product features.

So, whether you are looking to buy a portable soccer goal for backyard play, youth practice, or even scrimmages and games, the GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goal has got you covered with one of the best portable soccer goals available on the market today. Plus, if you’re looking for other types of training equipment for your soccer needs, check out their other durable products.

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