GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal Reviews

GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal Reviews
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Portable soccer goals have increased popularity over the years for their lightweight design, simple transportation, and easy set up capabilities.

If you are searching for a portable soccer goal with great performance ratings, then the GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal is a top option to consider.

Over the past years, GoSports has been perfecting its outdoor game and sporting good leisure activity equipment, including a number of designs, colors, and models of portable soccer goals.

Despite the influx into the market even from competitors, GoSports still manages to provide convenience and durability into each of their products.

The GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal is an excellent portable soccer goal that can be used for a variety of activities, but is best-used youth practice, games, and scrimmages. This goal is the soccer fanatic’s best companion for a convenient, portable, and productive soccer session.

It presents a number of desired features that ensure nothing but the best experience for all of your soccer needs. It’s materials, design, and extras are all on point.

Let’s look at some of its features.

Features of GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal

First of all, GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal is not just rated for indoor practice; it is designed for outdoor training and play as well. It even comes with two goals (your choice of 2.5 ft., 4ft., and 6ft.) so you can quickly set up a small-sided game or practice. Strong plastic and metal stakes means you are prepared for play anywhere. If you happen to be playing on a hard court, simply tape the metal/plastic pegs to the ground – although tape is not included.

There’s a reason why people fall in love with the GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal. It is incredibly solid and built to withstand tough hits. Manufactured with premium nylon netting and fabric means that your goal will withstand countless of hours of practice and play along with the strongest shots.

Don’t worry about late afternoon or evening play, this soccer goal set is lined with a reflective perimeter fabric for use in low-light conditions, ensuring you get the most out of your soccer goals during every hour of the day.

Setup and breakdown of this portable soccer goal is incredibly simple. The goals themselves don’t require any assembly; they simply pop open for easy set up within seconds and immediate use. When you’re done, simply twist and fold the goals into a bonus travel case until the next practice session or game.

This goal set was designed to meet a variety of applications, including backyard fun, youth soccer games, skills training, and goalie-less games. The set also includes 6 bright orange cones that allow you to mark your field.

Last but not least, GoSports stands behind its products by offering a full lifetime warranty and US-based customer service. If anything it wrong, GoSports is simply a phone call away.


  • We love that the GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal is rated for everything from backyard practice and play, youth games, and even training purposes
  • GoSports products are made with tough materials, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping and breaking from soccer ball impacts like other products
  • The goals themselves are extremely lightweight, easily folding up into a convenient carrying case for storage and transportation
  • This product was manufactured with preferred materials, such as premium nylon netting and fabric. For added durability GoSports includes plastic and metal stakes for use on any surface
  • The goals also have a reflective silver lining that makes it perfect for use in low-light settings. The soccer goal set includes 6 orange training cones for practice and play purposes
  • They come in 3 convenient sizes (2.5 ft., 4 ft., and 6 ft.), so you can choose the best option for your child’s age and capability
  • Finally, the product cones with GoSports lifetime warranty guarantee and a convenient US-based customer service


  • While we love that these goals come in a variety of sizes to meet different needs, the largest 6 ft. size doesn’t fold down as much as we have liked. In its folded position, it is still fairly wide and doesn’t fit easily into a trunk of a car.
  • Overtime there were issues with the straps that are responsible for keeping the goal in its popped up position. If these straps become torn or damaged the goals lay flat on the ground


From the above review, it is evident that the pros outweigh the cons. While some consumers had issues with the straps that pop up the goals tearing, this was actually a small number of users overall. Most people were quite happy with the durability of the product overall for youth play and practice.

The product is easy to use, with a pop-up mechanism that has you playing your favorite game in just seconds. We love that the GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal easily folds up into a convenient storage and carrying case. Although we feel like the product could fold down a little more for easier transportation, we feel like this is a decent tradeoff for a durable product, a feature that is extremely important in a portable soccer goal.

If you are searching for a portable soccer goal for a budding soccer fanatic, this piece of equipment would be a great option to add to your collection. Plus, if you do happen to have any issues with this product, GoSports is happy to provide a replacement completely free of charge.

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