GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal Review

GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal Review
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If you have a passion for soccer or just want to learn the art of playing the game, then portable soccer goals are the perfect option. Not only do you need something convenient and reliable every time, you need a product that is durable enough to withstand tough impacts and play.

As soccer’s popularity starts to grow, as well as our technology, sports companies all around the world are meeting today’s demand through the manufacturing of portable, affordable, and durable football goals that you can easily store and take with you for use anywhere.

Whether you are a simply looking for a backyard toy for your kids, indoor and outdoor practice for a budding athlete, or your next training tool, portable soccer goals may just be your ultimate solution.

Portable soccer goals, also known as pop-up soccer goals, are available everywhere in the market. There are a wide variety of models and brands to choose from. What you need is to stay specific to your needs and budget.

To make your choice easier, here is one portable soccer goal that has really taken a stance in the market this year: the GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal. This portable soccer goal was made with easy transportation and set-up in mind.

You may find that this soccer is cheaper than other brands, but don’t doubt the level of efficiency for youth play and practice that it provides. Keep reading to find out more about this particular pop-up soccer goal by GreEco.

Features of GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal

Here are some of the best features that accompany the GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal.

  • This portable soccer goal comes two quality soccer goals for play and practice. The goals themselves are made from quality nylon and durable PVC materials to stand up to swift kicks, as well as standard practice and play
  • The GreEco Pop-Up Soccer goal also has a reflective perimeter, to promote easy use in low daylight settings. This silver living will help you see your goal into later hours of the day where you happen to be enjoying your portable soccer goals
  • Overall, this product is extremely lightweight, adding to its portable design. The goal easily pops-up to create its shape within just seconds, requiring no assembly or setup. And when you’re ready to break it down, simply twist and fold into a convenient zip-up carrying case
  • Crafted with ultimate style and comfort in mind, this pop-up goal by GreEco is available in your choice of sizes and colors, making it the perfect choice for all sizes, ages, and agility, especially youth and child players
  • This goal isn’t just well made, it also comes with stakes for the ultimate support and stability of the goal on earthy areas, along with cones you use to mark the field
  • The GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal take anywhere design truly allows individuals and groups to hone their skills, set up a training session, or even play a small-sided game within a matter of seconds
  • Each and every product/item has some good sides and a few downsides. When it comes to this particular soccer goal, you will find more pros than cons. Let’s take a look at some of them


  • As previously mentioned, the soccer equipment comes with two portable goals, featuring pop-up mechanisms that allow for easy setup within just seconds. Therefore, you can train with ease anytime, anywhere, without having to deal with time-consuming assembly
  • Also, this soccer goal is made from comfortable and stylish materials. The goals themselves are available in a variety of colors and sizes suitable for different ages and ability: 2.5 ft. ages 2+ (2.5’ x 1.7’ x 1.7’), 4 ft. ages 4+ (4’ x 2.7’ x 2.7’), and 6 ft. ages 8+ (6’ x 3.5’ x 3.5’)
  • The goals are extremely lightweight, adding to their portable design. Not only do they pop open into their desired goal like shape, you can easily fold it away with a simple twist into its portable carrying case
  • Some of the features that make this soccer goal stand out above the rest are its craftsmanship from quality materials. The set up consists of solid tensile fiberglass poles and reinforced oxford net and fabric. It also comes with long and PVC pegs to securely anchor to the ground during play and a reflective silver lining for enhanced visibility throughout the night and day
  • What’s more is that this particular portable soccer goal is super affordable and even comes with a FreEco 100% manufactures guarantee. If you are looking for a portable soccer goal that will give you the highest portability and ease of setup for your little one, but at a reasonable price, then the GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal is a great choice for you


The primary disadvantage with this portable soccer goal by GreEco is that the materials doesn’t stand up well to high impacts and hard play. In fact, based on their size diagram and age range, this product is best suited for a smaller child’s play or youth practice. If you are searching for a more durable training tool, it may be best to take a look at another option.


The GreEco Pop-Up Soccer Goal is a good portable soccer goal. All this is evident from unbiased customer ratings and reviews on online stores. It is also clear that this particular portable soccer goal is the perfect choice for young children soccer play or youth soccer practice.

The portable design, easy setup, and convenient storage found in this pop-up soccer goal makes it the perfect addition to your child’s soccer gear. If we had to rate the above portable soccer goal, we would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The 1-point reduction is merely due to the fact that it is not durable enough for adult play or high impacts, a versatility we feel is important in a portable soccer goal.

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