How to Make a Portable Soccer Goal

How to Make a Portable Soccer Goal
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Whether your home has a budding athlete, or you just want to do a fun project with the family, having a soccer goal in your backyard is a win-win situation for everyone. Today, we are going to walk you through just how you can assemble your portable soccer goal in an afternoon, with the right tools and materials at hand.

Because our portable soccer goal is made from deer netting and PVC pipes, it will be lightweight and easy to move so you can set up anywhere.

Tools and Materials: How to Make a Portable Soccer Goal

  • Four 10-foot length of PVC pipe
  • Hacksaw
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • PVC elbows and tees
  • Marker
  • PVC pipe cement
  • Zip ties

Cut the pipe

With a tape measurer, mark your pipe into two 5-foot sections, two 4-foot sections, four 3-foot sections, and four 1-foot sections. Cut your marks with a hacksaw. There should be one unused 6-foot piece leftover. Using your sandpaper, smooth out and remove any burrs or sharp edges.

Dry-fit the frame

Before you permanently assemble to goal by applying the glue, you will want to set up your soccer goal in the desired shape. This will ensure that all of your sections fit well together and that the goal is true and straight.

Start with the base

Create two corners by attaching a 3-foot and 1-foot section with a PVC elbow. Lay these down so that they are facing each other. Place a T on the exposed end of the 1-foot sections. Connect these two tees with a 3-foot section. Repeat these step to create the top of the goal, except you will want to attach the 1-foot sections to the 4-foot sections using the elbows.

Attach these elbows on the short sides of the base

Turn these so that they are facing upward. From here you can stand the goal up and insert the bottom of the 4-ffot section into the already placed elbows. The frame should have taken an L-shape.

Last but not least, connect the top using the 5-foot sections and base tees that will act as a brace piece.

Mark the connections

Use a marker to draw a line across every adjoining piece and angle at every connection. This will help you when you are lining up the pipes with glue, so you can perfectly put your goal back together.

Glue the frame

Take apart the joints one at a time so you don’t get them mixed up. Wipe the pipe cement on the inside of the connector and outside of the pipe and then fit them back together. Line up your markings quickly and hold them in place. Repeat with each joint until the entire frame has been glued together.

Caution: Pipe cement seal in seconds, so it’s important to line up your pieces quickly.

Create the net

Place your freshly glued soccer goal outside. Unroll and measure your deer netting to cover the sides and the back of the goal. Use utility scissors to cut the net. Remember to leave some extra for overhang.

Attach the net

Start by wrapping the measured net around the goal posts. Remember to leave some slack so that it can catch the soccer ball without tearing. Feed zip ties around the pipe and through the netting. Connect the zip ties and pull them tight. Repeat every few inches until the netting is fully attaching. Use scissors to cut the protruding long ends of the zip ties.

Remove excess netting

If you happen to have excess netting hanging over the posts of your goals, cut it off the bottom and front for a cleaner look.

Anchor it down

If you’d like your portable soccer goal to take a more permanent stance in your backyard, place small sandbags on the corners to hold it down.

Finally, grab a few players and start a friendly match! See how long it takes for you to score your first goal in your new portable family soccer goal. Perhaps if you are too busy to do it yourself, then just buy a new soccer goal that fits your liking.

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