Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal Review

Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal Review
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Any serious athlete or soccer enthusiast looking to have fun and hone their skills should understand the importance of a good soccer goal in achieving all of that.

A soccer goal that is designed to help you practice your skills and play the game that you love should never be missing from your soccer/training bag. You should be familiar with all of the different brands of soccer goals on the market to be able to identify which brands offer the best when it comes to portability and performance.

A brand like Trailblaze is one that innovates and designs soccer goals especially for training. This type of focus has helped them gain trust among professional athletes as they solely focus on improving their line of soccer equipment and product on a daily basis.

The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal is one of their many training pieces that have been upgraded to suit the current demands and expectations of the market.

This soccer goal is a multifunctional trainer that can be used for training, games, scrimmages, practice, and play. Most soccer enthusiasts prefer it for more serious training uses other than just simple soccer play, although it is well-rated for both.

This dynamic soccer goal is characterized by its versatility, durability, and portable design, all of which give you simple and total control over your training.

Features of Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal

The Trailblaze brand places a focus on ensuring that our young generation grows up in a fun and healthy environment. The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal was designed with the idea that children and adults should have outstanding products that are safe, designed to last, and most of all fun to use.

The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal brings exercise and action to any training ground or backyard in a matter of seconds. This compact goal allows for easy transferability between a spectrum of venues and terrains.

If you want to mold star strikers to the top of goal scoring charts, this is your ultimate training tool. The goal can also double as a 2 touch small-sided football goal to ensure that your team is moving freely and passing until they hit their target mark.

The future generation of soccer enthusiasts and stars will also benefit from these goals as an insight to target practice in the backyard. This goal is easy to set up and easy to put away, pleasing both kids and parents alike who will endure hours of outside fun in the fresh air.

The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal comes with two goals and a convenient carrying bag that stores both of the goals away at the same time. This is the only brand that also includes extra metal pegs for secured use in rough weather conditions, along with eight disc-training cones. The product folds away completely flat making it the perfect for no-space storage.

The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal is made with highly durable, all-weather materials, so you get the most play out of your portable soccer goals, for many practices and training sessions to come.

The goal comes in two sizes, 4ft. and 6ft., giving you the perfect options for all ages and playing levels. Plus enjoy an indestructible flame and reflective net for all-day use.


  • The Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal was designed to make training easier, so you can focus on honing your techniques and skills
  • It was also designed with 210D waterproof Oxford Netting and extra-strong fiberglass poles, so you have the confidence to survive the elements
  • This portable soccer goal is top-rated in durability and is able to withstand even the most powerful shots, over and over again
  • Each goal comes with 3 reinforced PVC anchor pegs that have already been conveniently attached to a flexible bungee cord
  • Take everywhere design and convenient carrying bag means that your goal can go everywhere that you do, setting up and breaking down in a matter of seconds
  • Indestructible frame and ultra-reflective set means you can withstand tough shots well after the sunsets
  • Two available goal sizes help you find the perfect fit for your toddler, child, or adult


Not surprisingly, consumers of this product had virtually no complaints. We are impressed with the fact that this product does exactly what it promises to do and that it really does last for countless practices and training sessions.


The best portable soccer goal should be light enough to carry with you, but durable enough to withstand tough impacts and play. Trailblaze Pop-Up Soccer Goal has everything you could have hoped for out of a portable soccer goal design.

Not only is this product incredibly sleek, it is obvious that it was designed with a variety of users in mind. With this pair of soccer goals, you won’t need to worry about taking your goal with you, setting up in tough terrains, or the wear and tear endured from high intensity training sessions ruining your favorite piece of training equipment.

This soccer goal allows you to choose your soccer training and activity without constantly worrying if your soccer goal will be able to perform well. These types of worries are completely diminished when you choose to purchase this particular soccer goal by Trailblaze.

The convenience and flexibility this allows for your training practice is second to none. It allows you to play in all-weather conditions, at any time of day, with the utmost stability and guaranteed durability, allowing you to gain the most out of your soccer training experience. Their dynamic design and quality materials enable you to take control of your soccer training.

Once you add this particular soccer goal into your equipment collection, you will want to go back for another pair and other Trailblaze products until you simply can’t get enough. The durability and stability levels of their products are sure to blow you away time and time again. We recommend this product with a 5 out of 5 stars, making it the best choice on the market for a portable soccer goal.

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