What is the Size of a Regulation Soccer Goal

What is the Size of a Regulation Soccer Goal
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Although the adult soccer goal standard is 24’ x 8’ x 5’ youth and college professional soccer goal sizes may vary. Separate organizations may require different sizes for individual age groups. Below, we’ve outlined the various regulations among common organizations. However, we suggest that you check locally for your league organization’s requirements to ensure that you are meeting their regulation standards before setting up your soccer goals.

Size of a Regulation Soccer Goal by Organization

FIFA, (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

FIFA defines a soccer goal as two upright posts that are of equal distance from the corner flags and are joined together horizontally by a crossbar. The crossbar and goalposts must be manufactured from metal, wood, or another approved material. Additionally, the posts must be round, rectangular, elliptical or square in shape and should pose no harm to players.

The posts should sit in 8 yards (7.32 meters) from each other.  The lower crossbar edge should sit 8 feet (2.44 meters) above the ground.

Both the crossbar and goalposts have the same depth and width that will not exceed 5 inches (12 centimeters). The lines of the goal must be the same width as the crossbar and the goalposts. Nets may be attached but should drape the ground located behind the goal and should not interfere with the activities of the goalkeeper.

The crossbars and goalposts must be white.

Additionally, the goalpost position and the goal line must be according to regulation.

NCAA, (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

The NCAA’s soccer goal regulations are truest to international expectations.

The goals shall be counterweighted, secured, or anchored in some manner. The goal consists of two corner flags sit 8 yards (7.32 meters) apart from one another. This is an inside measurement. These posts are joined together by a crossbar that sits horizontally of similar or same material. The crossbar’s lower edge shall sit 8 feet (2.44 meters) from the ground.

The diameter or width of the crossbar and goal posts should be between 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) and 5 inches (12.7 centimeters). The cross and posts may be round, rectangle, elliptical, or square in shape. They must be painted white.

Additionally, no markings outside of a single manufacture logo/identification of an appropriate size may appear at any point on the posts or crossbar.

NFHS, (National Federal of High School)

High school soccer goals must follow the following specifications:

They goal must be placed along the goal line. The goal consists of two upright posts that are between 4 and 5 inches in diameter. The posts and the corner flags must be place at an equal inside measurement of 8 yards apart. Each goal post rear must be placed on the goal line’s outer edge. A horizontal crossbar, between 4 and 5 inches in diameter, will join the top of the posts. The lower edge of the crossbar will be 8 feet from the ground.

The soccer goal must be painted white and no other markings except for a single manufacture logo/identification may appear on the crossbar of goal posts.

Metal pipes that are between 3 and 4 inches may be used if preferred. If the game calls for portable goals, they should be counterweighted, secured, or anchored to the ground. If the goal is used on a football field, the goal shall be anchored at minimum of 2 years in front of the existing football goalpost base.

Additionally, soccer goal’s vertical portion may be padded with a manufactured soccer goal material. The material may be white, minimum of 72 inches in height, and a maximum thickens of one inch. It must be properly secured and contain on a single manufacture marking.

US Youth Soccer, (defined by NFHS)

U6: 6 feet x 18 feet

U8: 6 feet x 18 feet

U10: 6 feet x 18 feet

U12: 6 feet x 18 feet

U14 and older:  8 feet x 24 feet


Jamboree Games (ages 5 or less): 2 tall cones that are set 6 feet apart OR a Maximum of 4 feet high 6 feet wide

U6: Four tall cones that are set six feet apart OR a Maximum of 4 feet high x 6′ wide

U8: 6 feet high x 18 feet wide

U10: 7 feet high x 21 feet wide

U12: 8 feet high x 24 feet wide

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